Thursday, February 19, 2015

My BFFs engagement weekend

 My friend Matt (who is also one of my BFs) was ready to finally propose to his girlfriend Sara who is my BFF. He picked out the day to ask her and then set it up so that there would be a surprise engagement party after. Only thing was he chose a Sunday when she had a work picnic to go to. He wanted to get things started that Saturday so he asked me to keep her entertained for the day so she wouldn't show up at his house and find out. I asked her to go shopping with my kids and I. We went about 45 minutes away to a mall and did some shopping. Most of the trip she talked about her work picnic for the next day and how she just knew Matt was going to get out of going with her. It was so hard to not say anything to her. Once we were down we headed back to town and Matt text and said he needed more time. I took her with me to my moms for a few hours. I'm sure she was very bored all day.

The next day, the day he planned to propose, he got another couple to go for a motorcycle ride with them. Sara was texting me and getting upset because it was close to time to go to her work picnic. She was getting mad. All I could do was laugh. They took a ride out to a near by lake and he got down on one knee and FINALLY proposed. She said yes of course. She text me and was so excited. The party still had an hour or two before it was ready for them to show up, so Matt took her to a bar for a few drinks. Talk about being mad. She was furious! She wanted to really go to that work picnic. She was still clueless to the party.

When they finally showed up to the "surprise" engagement party we were all hiding behind the house. She knew something was going on because there were balloons all the way up the drive way but she still wasn't sure what it was for. They drove the bike behind the house and there we all were. Their friends and family. She got off that bike, took off her helmet and just started bawling. Of course I cried with her.

That weekend was one of the greatest weekends for me with Sara because I got to be involved in it all and help out. I was so happy to share in one of the biggest moments in her life. That weekend was over a year ago and this year is the big wedding and I'm completely involved in that also and I can't wait!
This is a picture of the three of us. Myself, Sara and Matt.